Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jack of all Tradeshows Festival

We had a booth at the Jack of all Tradeshows Festival in Marble Falls this past weekend. In our opinion it was the worst event to pay for a booth to showcase your products. We feel it was nothing like the organizer Tyler Koleman had presented to us and we feel betrayed. We want to warn anyone that is contacted by him for this or any other event he is organizing. He had told us this event was a tradeshow where wholesalers would be going to look for products to sell in their stores. NOT TRUE AT ALL! This was not a tradeshow. It was more of a kids town fair and for the most part the only people that were there were to watch their kids in an amateur dance program. Once they were done the people left. What kind of tradeshow has a petting zoo and pony rides? We were told there would be 100 vendors and there were only about 20 or so. You were supposed to attend all three days and we found out some people bought booths for one day only. We had to give up doing an event because it was on one of those days due to his rules that he clearly did not enforce. We gave up the income that we normally make to loose money at his event. No one came to look for products for their stores. Most vendors left by 5pm on day two because they were so disgusted by the event and did not go for the third day. The pet adoptions who had a free booth left by 2pm on Saturday. Even the main food vendor said he was not coming back for Sunday. It was advertised as a free event, but then to get into the event you had to pay $5.00 for parking instead. There was no organization of the booths. Basically, you go there and pop up your tent in a field. We know he had paid sponsors and out of the two days we were there we heard them mentioned once by the DJ. We were told by different vendors that they were told different stories of what the event would be. In our opinion it is a clear deception to sell booths. Most vendors were asking for their booth money back by the middle of day two and they said no. Mr. Koleman should be ashamed of himself for taking money from people for this event and should find a new line of work. Hopefully, he will get a conscience and refund everyone their money.